A retail POS system, also known simply as a POS system, is a type of system that gives retailers an opportunity to handle operating activities and sales in an efficient manner. There are literally dozens of retail POS system options available on the market today. This is not a surprise because many people have realized that these POS systems can be very helpful and that they can use them to grow their businesses. Yet, only a small number of them have shown that they can meet and exceed the expectations of modern retailers. We will use this blog post to showcase these top retail POS system solutions.

Square POS

Most experts agree that Square POS is an ideal solution for small retailers. This is a secure, reliable and user-friendly POS software and system that comes at a more than reasonable price. All these things make this solution perfect in the eyes of small retailers. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to pay anything to get this POS system – you will only pay for each credit card processing. Square POS lets users accept payments right away. It also has many helpful features including sales reporting, sales management, employee tracking and inventory management. For a small fee, users can also create and use a customer loyalty program, use email marketing, take care of payroll activities and get advanced inventory management. Due to the fact that the basic package is free, it’s probably a smart idea to give Square POS a try.


Here’s another example of an excellent retail POS system. This time, the POS system comes with a monthly subscription, but according to many users, this subscription is worth it. Even though some of the features may be similar to the ones found in Square POS, this time they are more advanced. So, you can expect to get access to tools that will help you with employee management, inventory management as well as customer management. In addition, you can use many business and sales management options.

Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is a good option for those who have large inventories and many transactions each month. For instance, there are over three thousand wholesale supplier catalogs found on Lightspeed. Needless to say, this solution has sophisticated inventory tracking features, great reporting features, service and order tracking, support for multiple stores, employee management and other things that will help your business.